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How does the hotel rating system work?

The rating system (user rating) of hotels is simple: each client who has booked a hotel through the reservation system such as karta vacation rentals (and lived there) receives an e-mail from the reservation system, with a request to rate their stay in this hotel. It should be emphasized that such letters come only to those people who have actually lived in this hotel (the letter is sent to the guest hotel only after the hotel has transferred the commission to the reservation system for the client). That is, if a person only booked a hotel, but did not live in it for some reason, then such a letter (with a request to evaluate the stay), he will not get. Assessment of the hotel by the user, as noted above, is made on several parameters: comfort of stay, room cleanliness, staff attitude, location and some other randomly chosen by the system (may offer to rate the quality of Wi-Fi signal, or quality of breakfast, if the hotel provides such a service, or comfort of the beds).

Determining the average score

After the client put their marks on each suggested item the system will give the hotel some average mark based on the user's marks. After that the system will offer the client to write a review about the hotel (textual evaluation), stating the pros and cons of the hotel in a detailed form. Here is the mass of these estimates, and the overall assessment of the hotel users. Also note: hotels do not have access to the hotel rating system. This is the sole prerogative of the reservation system. Therefore, a user put a score for the hotel - the booking system and will publish it.


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