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Markup Assist makes it easy to do more with the features of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, by letting you toggle visibility of additional options and navigate to new or existing toolbars.Markup Assist lets you import and export drawings from DWF files, so you can create a DWF file of a DWG file, for example. You can also import a DWG file into a DWF file, so you can publish your model to the web as a DWF file and add comments and annotations to the file.Orthographic Projection and Graticules:Display the construction geometry of your model accurately, even in a building plan.Let Ortho mode create orthographic projections of your drawing and display dimensional and linear units automatically. Ortho mode can be used in orthographic view to create and update cross-sections.Quickly create and update your plan or section views by drawing a set of orthographic lines.The layout of horizontal and vertical measurements and linear units is now displayed for your entire drawing. No more fumbling through your drawing’s metadata to find out how the layout works. (video: 1:40 min.)There’s lots more, including…Key Features in AutoCAD 2023Drafting and DrawingThe Layouts tab of the Options dialog lets you easily assign different layouts to different drawing objects or drawing views.You can now use the Freehand tool to quickly draw objects and view them using a freehand spline or bezier curve.To reduce clutter in your drawings, the Layouts tab lets you create a drawing layout that displays only the selected views and commands.When you select the entire drawing, the Layouts tab displays groups of drawings—one for each layout. You can now select any group of drawings and create an outline style for the selected group.For more help with creating and customizing layouts, see Appendix B of the AutoCAD LT 19 Help.2D/3D DraftingMulti-User DrawingThe new View Management tab of the Options dialog lets you assign different drawing views to different drawing users. For example, you can use the Layout tab of the Options dialog to assign view layout groups. Then, on the View Management tab, you can assign user groups to those layouts.After you assign different layouts to 2be273e24d

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