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Using Succulents as Annuals

Ready to try something new in your summer container gardens?

Why not put some indoor succulents in with your traditional flowering summer annuals?

This may feel a little out of the ordinary but it's a great way to freshen up your containers. One major benefit to switching to succulents is that they need little to almost no maintenance, that includes not having to deadhead or fertilize. These succulents will also add unique textures to difficult to stage areas, like sunny patios and steps.

Some plants to try:

  • ghost plant + burro's tail + echeveria

  • firesticks + bear's paw + princess pine

  • elephant bush + flapjack + lemon balm

  • Kalanchoe pumila + Oscularia deltoides + yucca + aloe

  • pair with daisies + lantana + verbena for pop of color

  • ornamental grasses like blue fescue to give afternoon shade if needed

When planting these annual succulents, it is important to remember that since they've been indoors, they need to slowly transition out to full sun in order to avoid being sun burned. Also, make sure that the plants are in a well draining potting mix and planted in a pot with a drainage hole in order to prevent rotting. You can make your own succulent mix by combining 2 parts Daddy Pete's potting mix and 1 part horticultural grade sand.

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