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Our Story

The History of Our Roots

While our official story as Rountree starts in 1980, the history of our greenhouses and property extend all the way back to the 1950's, Originally, Troutman Greenhouses, early production included a wide array of plant material for sale locally. In 1980 our current owners purchased the business and began to develop a successful wholesale growing operation. We serviced many of the local grocery stores and small retailers with interior blooming plants, helping to build a customer base who valued our dedication to quality and service. The mid 80's saw the opening of our very own retail store, which has continued to grow along with the city and has become one of the premier retail garden centers in the region. As our retail operation has grown, much of our growing operation has moved to our farm outside of the city. There we produce landscape annuals and perennials for our garden center, as well as the professional landscape industries in North and South Carolina. We have watched our business and our city grow immensely over the last 40 years and we look forward with great anticipation to serving our loyal customers for at least 40 more!

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